Who we are

our values and sustainable approach


Longevity Escapes is a purpose-driven eco-wellness travel agency run by a team of certified Nutritionists and Holistic Practitioners who celebrate health and sustainability on every retreat  offered. Through the collaboration of eco-friendly hotels and mindful partnerships, our focus is to elevate the well-being of our travellers and uplift their souls while honouring the planet.

Our sustainable directory provides you with an easy way to use your economic power in support of businesses dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. All hotels and retreats listed in our collection have been reviewed by our Longevity Expert Team to ensure that all destinations are in alignment with our values.

Together we can raise awareness

Together with our hotel partners and retreat leaders, our aim is to increase awareness and help people to be more proactive and conscious in the decisions they make when choosing a spa package, health program or group retreat. We achieve this not only by promoting eco-holidays with healthy eating boards and low chemical exposure spa programs, but by promoting among our clients eco-friendly gestures and the necessary tools to minimise exposure to toxins.


Healthier environments

At Longevity Escapes, we make it our number one priority to help individuals understand how they can minimise exposure to potentially harmful chemical substances when travelling. Since these common substances are found in food, water, cleaning products and beauty products, they can be particularly hard to avoid when choosing a holiday venue. Thankfully for the health-conscious traveller, our Longevity Expert Team has carefully selected the very best clean-eating hotels and low chemical exposure spa destinations to give your health and energy levels a real mental and physical detox.


Personal health approach

Our curated collection offers a unique blend of affordable eco luxury with a personal booking experience and comes with dedicated nutritional support prior to check-in when you book directly with us a hotel program, spa package or group retreat. You can now discover the best diet for your body type, genetic make-up and health concerns prior to your destination arrival and experience a more personalised wellness holiday approach.

Take health to the next level, and become the best version you can be within safe protocols. That’s what a health getaway is about at Longevity Escapes. The most effective lifestyle-changing holidays at eco-friendly hotels and retreats worldwide.


The Longevity Escapes Team