Core Values and Sustainability


Longevity Escapes is more than just a wellbeing travel agency; it’s a purpose-driven venture guided by a passionate team of certified Nutritionists and Holistic Practitioners. Our mission revolves around celebrating health and sustainability through meticulously curated wellness retreats.

At Longevity Escapes, we are committed to a holistic approach to well-being that extends beyond personal health to the health of the planet. By fostering collaborations with eco-friendly hotels and cultivating mindful partnerships, we strive to not only elevate the well-being of our travellers but also uplift their souls while honouring the environment.

Sustainability is at the core of our identity, and our commitment is reflected in our sustainable directory. This directory serves as a valuable resource, empowering you to utilise your economic influence in support of businesses dedicated to environmentally friendly practices. Every hotel and retreat listed in our collection undergoes a thorough review by our Longevity Expert Team to ensure that each destination aligns seamlessly with our values.

Together we can raise awareness

Together, we can amplify awareness and empower individuals to make mindful choices when selecting spa packages, health programs, or group retreats. In collaboration with our esteemed hotel partners and dedicated retreat leaders, our shared goal is to foster a proactive and conscious mindset among our clientele. By joining us on a journey where conscious travel meets exceptional well-being, together, we can make choices that will benefit both individuals and the planet we call home.


Healthier environments

Our approach goes beyond merely advocating for eco-holidays and eco-retreats with low chemical exposure; we actively engage our clients in adopting eco-friendly practices and equip them with the tools to minimise their exposure to toxins. At Longevity Escapes, we prioritise creating healthier environments, recognising the challenges posed by common substances in food, water, cleaning products, and beauty items. Our Longevity Expert Team meticulously selects clean-eating hotels and spa destinations with low chemical exposure, providing health-conscious travellers with a genuine mental and physical detox experience.


No social media

Our commitment to holistic well-being extends beyond our client interactions; it shapes our approach to business and health policies. As Functional Medicine practitioners, we advocate for a balanced lifestyle that prioritises real-world connections and time spent in nature. Emphasising these values, we choose not to engage with social media as part of our business practices.

Our recommendation for clients aligns with our core philosophy—spend more time immersed in nature or with fellow human beings, and limit screen time. We firmly believe in leading by example and refrain from encouraging excessive use of social media platforms. In a similar vein, our dedication to environmental consciousness extends to discouraging the use of plastic. You won’t find us using plastic containers for our drinks or meals, and we extend this principle to the wellness resorts we recommend.

Moreover, we consciously refrain from participating in the prevailing trend of providing generic nutrition advice on social media. Health and nutrition are deeply personal matters, and we believe in tailored guidance. For instance, while a tomato is a nutritious fruit, its suitability varies based on individual health conditions. Our commitment remains unwavering—to treat health and nutrition with the personalised attention and respect they deserve.


Email marketing

In lieu of participating in social media trends, we have chosen to embrace a more direct and personal means of communication—email marketing. We recognise the importance of staying connected with our clients and sharing valuable insights. Email allows us to engage in meaningful conversations, delivering tailored content and updates directly to your inbox. This approach not only respects your privacy but also ensures that our communication is focused on what matters most—your well-being. By steering away from the noise of social media, we prioritise a more intentional and personalised connection with our community. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive content, expert advice, and updates on our latest offerings. Let’s cultivate a meaningful dialogue that goes beyond the digital realm and resonates with your individual health journey.


Personal care

Our curated collection seamlessly blends affordable eco-luxury with a personalised booking experience, offering dedicated nutritional support before check-in for those who directly book a hotel program, spa package, or group retreat with us.

Take your health to the next level and embrace the best version of yourself within safe and well-designed protocols. This is the essence of a health getaway at Longevity Escapes—offering the most effective lifestyle-changing holidays at eco-friendly hotels and retreats worldwide.


The Longevity Escapes Team