Eco-Wellness Hotels and Eco-Retreats Worldwide


Looking for the best health retreats at eco-friendly holiday venues? We wanted to make it easy for you by bringing you a selection of group retreats and healing hotels of the world with spectacular culinary experiences that we have carefully selected for you. At Longevity Escapes, you can enjoy your favourite activities while you pamper yourself with natural body treatments at an eco-spa and sample gastronomic delights within a clean eating concept in the most natural way. From vegan gourmet cuisine to menus based on traditional recipes, there is a choice for everyone whether you are travelling solo, with your family, partner or friends. ​


Without losing the essence of the haute cuisine that our hotel members and retreat organisers have to offer, you can give your health a beneficial detox and energy boost to revive your wellbeing. We have on offer a variety of eco-health programs to choose from: weight-loss management, fitness coaching, yoga meditation, vegan detoxes, Ayurveda cures and much more.


To book your mouth watering eco-health retreat, check out our favourite destinations in Europe and around the world.