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Top 5 Eco-Resorts for a Wellness Retreat in France


France has long attracted visitors for its ambiance, wonderful climatic conditions and the numerous areas of outstanding beauty. Both modern and ancient, it is steeped in history and renowned for its cultural attraction. Cobbled streets weave their way around luxury hotels, shops and restaurants, but there is always a quiet healthy corner of the ‘real France’ where to explore some stylish seaside eco-wellness resorts, private beach clubs, shopping, dining experiences and more all year round.

Among those lovely eco-friendly destinations, we have made a list using our expertise as eco-health practitioners to assess and recognise which resorts are considerably working towards a toxin-free environment such as specific types of endocrine disrupting chemicals commonly found in spas, kitchens, and housekeeping products among others.

Since chemical pollution reduction is what motivates us here at Longevity Escapes, we believe that is our duty as experts in eco-wellness travel, to provide our guests with a real mental and physical detox holiday experience at one of the best eco-friendly and sustainable destinations in France.

From luxury yoga, fitness and wellness retreats in the French Riviera to more affordable resorts, there is something for every taste!


1. La Clairière, Bio Hotel & Spa in Alsace

Image courtesy of La Clairière


La Clairière is a scenic destination located in Alsace Forests. The hotel offers attractive eco-health programs like Ayurveda, Forest Bathing, Detox, and Chinese Medicine. You can also do yoga in the morning and evening or indulge in Taichi and Qigong with other guests.

The hotel has implemented eco-responsible and sustainable tourism by taking steps like using ecological cleaning products. They have also gone 100% on renewable energy including using solar for heating water. You will also enjoy veggies picked straight from their own organic food garden. The beauty is that the hotel is open all year round. You can visit whenever you wish to unwind and recharge.


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2. Les Sources De Caudalie, Eco-Luxe Hotel in Bordeaux

Image courtesy of Les Sources De Caudalie


Another top eco-friendly hotel in France that is open all year round is Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux. Here, you will enjoy various cures and rituals, such as the Ritual of the Vines and springs rituals for half a day each, as well as purifying cures or anti-aging treatments with organic cuisine for rejuvenating wellbeing escape. You could also participate in other fun activities like swimming, yoga, tennis, forest baths, excursions, and bike riding.

Le Sources de Caudalie uses innovative viticulture and winemaking techniques that are purely organic. The hotel also promotes biodiversity through planting trees and protecting endangered plant species from extinction.


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3. Terre Blanche, Hotel Spa & Golf Resort in Tourrettes

Image courtesy of  Terre Blanche


Located in the French Tourettes, Terre Blanche is a luxurious 5-star hotel, spa, and golf resort. This hotel offers five bespoke packages from 100% natural treatments, depending on your budget and the number of people you travel with. When you are not relaxing by the pool, you could play golf or take a spa day and let your troubles literally melt away.

Terre Blanche is involved in eco-friendly activities such as the conservation of squirrels, awareness days for the protection of nature, ecological monitoring, and participation in Wildlife Day in conjunction with the PACA association for Tomorrow. You will be also please to know that Terre Blanche offers seasonal and local produce gastronomy from the South of France that will for sure inspire you!


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4. Domaine De Fontenille, Eco-Luxe Hotel in Lauris

Image courtesy of Domaine de Fontenille


The Domaine de Fontenille on Route de Roquefraiche is another excellent eco wellness hotel designed for anyone looking for a memorable wellness yoga retreat. Some of the fun activities to look forward to at this enchanting hotel include a guided tour of their vineyard, and weekly yoga classes done in a well-landscaped and manicured park.

You are bound to learn a thing or two on permaculture during the guided tours. The Domaine de Fontenille has taken some sustainable green gestures. They grow their own fruits and vegetables harvested in their garden. They also decorate hotel rooms with locally sourced organic grown flowers. They have taken steps to raise awareness about how the ecosystem works and how to protect the environment.


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5. Les Près D’Eugénie, Relais & Châteaux in Landes

Image courtesy of Les Près D’Eugénie


We couldn’t forget to include Les Près D’Eugénie in our list of top eco wellness retreat hotels in France. It is located about 0.2 miles away from Eugénie Les Bains nestled in the valley of the ‘Landes de Gascogne’. You can expect to enjoy phyto-aromatic and thermal water treatments during your stay. Les Près D’Eugénie is  not just a kid friendly resort, but one of the best destinations for spa and detox healing retreats in the South West of France.

In addition to these luxury treatments, you can explore other exhilarating activities such as hiking, biking, and surfing. You can even enrol for a cooking class or workshop with Chef Michelin, Michel Guérard, at the Michel Guérard Institute.

Some admirable sustainable gestures they have shown include sheltering wild orchids, using homemade compost to enrich the soil, hosting wildlife, birds, and owls on their grounds, and avoiding phytosanitary products.

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Wrapping up

That’s it! It is time to explore some of the best eco-health hotels France has to offer. Eco-friendly wellness retreats are one of the best ways to practice self-care and detach yourself from the hustle and bustles of life. Have fun!



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