Detox Holiday Types 


Kick-start a journey of gentle detox and healthy weight loss by getting rid of unwanted toxins with a doable cleansing spa holiday program.  Without completely missing out on eating those things that you love, you can pamper your senses with effective non-strict detoxes adapted to your needs. All, while you sample delicious gastronomy, practice yoga, meditation or enjoy a Pilates session at one of our recommended eco-friendly destinations.

When you book your detox holiday directly with Longevity Escapes, you’ll be assigned a Nutritionist Travel Expert that we’ll ensure vital nutrients are replenished prior to arrival thanks to our free pre-holiday nutrition consultation. Because we believe that prevention is key to a healthier you, you’ll learn how to incorporate simple lifestyle practices into daily life to strengthen your immune system right from your reservation confirmation. These healthy practices include tools and tips to support sustainable natural living from the comfort of your home to minimise exposure to toxins.

We have a wide range of cleansing programs on offer to suit all needs: From vegan detoxes, intermittent fasting programs, infrared sauna chelating protocols, and more. If you’re unsure what detox holiday program is right for you, one of our Nutritionist Travel Expert would be happy to call you to discuss your goals and make recommendations to ensure you have an unforgettable retreat journey at the destination of your final choice. To book a free 15-minute consultation follow the link here.

Because we care about your wellbeing, we will also book all your spa experiences and inform our Hotel Partners of any requirements you might have well ahead of your arrival.


1. Semi Fasting Detoxes

2. Vegan Detoxes

3. Slimming Detoxes

4. Sauna Detoxes

5. Ayurveda Detoxes

6. Organic Detoxes